November 12, 2017

Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut


What is the first image you see, when you hear the word "WAR"?

Are there any heroes or heroines in the picture? Outnumbered by the enemy, untiringly moving to their almost impossible goal, undeterred by the bullets flying all over the place saving their friends and the world (or even the universe) from the total annihilation?

If that's the case... you shall definitely read Slaughterhouse-Five to get your vision corrected.

This is a book about the war, but it's not about those isolated cases of heroism. It's about thousands or millions of soldiers who are being thrown to the first line. Those who have to face not only the enemy, but also "charms" of the everyday life, which is often so daunting that the survival can only be attributed to very basic instincts which unconsciously fight to take control.

The war you will see in this book does not end with the victory, it keeps living in people's minds affecting their lives and lives of their families.

The message of this book, may seem obvious - "war is not fun", "war is not a game". And we all know it, still being separated from all of the military conflicts around the world, without any first-hand experience it's unimaginable how bad it really is.

This book gets the reader into the "shoes" (should he have them) of the solider on the first line of the World War II. Who is sent there, without equipment or training and is just living from one moment to another. It's far from being fun. It's an eye-opener, letting us to see (not sure if to understand) situations most of us never did and never will experience.

I was glued to this "un-entertaining" book by Vonnegut's writing and storytelling abilities.

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