December 14, 2017

CyberStorm by Matthew Mather


The book is describing a situation, which could happen on any day. A massive disaster depriving people of almost all of the achievements of a modern civilization. This is not that unlikely to happen, and most of us are not prepared to deal with such conditions.

It was a great read, things were unfolding unexpectedly, there were few twists in the story. It was difficult to put the book down.

It didn't bother me much, that several things were bit unlikely and little exaggerated (even in such disastrous situation). I realize, that this might be a possible the way of thinking of an "average" person. In the situation of lack of reliable information, imagination may easily take over one's thinking.

The only part I didn't like were the final chapters, with way too many retrospective details about what happened (this was pretty clear already and could be summarized in few paragraphs) and a an unnecessary "after-story". I think it would best be left to the reader's imagination (with maybe only one-two sentences explaining the direction).

Still, I liked the book, and I do recommend it.

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