March 27, 2018

Shadow Soldiers by Jim Heskett


This was a great read. The author was able to create great characters, packed lots of questions, mystery, and suspense making the book a real page-turner, very hard to put away.

Why then only 4 stars... I didn't like the way the whole situation was explained in the end. I felt it was too trivial, especially that people standing behind some of the events, had all the power and resources to get the result they wanted, without the need for the whole plot to happen. While almost everything in the book is well thought, plausible and deep, the finale is lacking a little.

The book is still a great read and I will certainly look for other books by Jim Heskett.

On the side note, I started reading this book, on the flight to Melbourne (my first time there), where the action of the book is taking place. It was fun to walk through the city and visit a few spots mentioned in the story as I was progressing through its content.

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