March 27, 2018

The Shadow File by A.C. Fuller


This was a good book, a page turner, fun to read and with lots of action and a few unexpected twists.

However, there were two things which slightly lowered my rating.

The most important was the inconsistency in communications between Alex and Innerva. Most of the time she is quiet, one may say introverted - uses words (both written and spoken) rather sparingly, while at one point she is writing almost an essay describing part of her story, which we don't know from the Alex' perspective. No spoilers here, but for me, this was a big mismatch in that character's design, also considering the moment, phisical and likely mental condition she was in when writing those words.

Other than that, there were few rather unrealistic moments, which might be suited for an action movie, but didn't fit the book very well (kidnapping, car chase).

Still, it was a good leisure read.

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