Blogger's and Seller's Google Analytics UTM Manager and URL Builder

On this page, you can add UTM parameters to your blog's or shop's URLs to make sure that Google Analytics will be able to properly track sources of your traffic, and you will be able to validate which of your marketing efforts indeed generate result.

If you would like to first learn more about using UTM tags - read this article:
Getting your Google Analytics to the next level with UTM Tags


On the FIRST visit

Before you start using the form - scroll down to the bottom of the form and click the button [(re)initialize] - it will load sample data and initialize the form.

Using the form

Paste the URL you want to add parameters to, into the URL field.
Select values for each UTM parameter from relevant select lists (should you clear a specific select field use the X button next to the field)
Select and Copy the URL and post it to social media (or whenever you plan to post it)

Managing parameters

To add a new parameter value to the list - simply enter the new value into the relevant field and click ADD
To remove a parameter from the list - click X next to it ON THE LIST in the Manage Parameters section

NOTE: All parameters you will add to this page are stored in your browser's local storage, this means, that local storage must be enabled for this domain. I don't have access to your parameters, nor can reinstate them from the server side should you change your browser or delete the content of the local storage - to make a backup simply copy the content of the BACKUP section to a text file on your hard drive.

Please press START to load data OR scroll down to reinitalize


Enter here the URL of the page you want to get UTM tracking parameters added to:

REMOVE ALL existing QueryString params:

COPY the URL below for posting:

Selected UTM parameter values


Manage/Select Tag Values




- those shall not be needed, as the form is doing auto-load and auto-save on each change, still it's here just in case ;-)

WARNING: Clicking buttons below is irreversible! If you plan to restore your entries later make sure to copy and store the content of the BACKUP TEXT AREA!!!